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Hello and Welcome!

Written by Threepenny Bit - 2014-10-30 00:41:34

Hello! If you've ever been to this particular corner of the internet before, you will notice that we have done a bit of re-decorating! So, welcome to the new online home of Threepenny Bit. Please have a look around, read a bit about us, look at some pretty pictures and watch a few videos. Best of all, why not treat yourself to some tunes by heading over to the Listen section?

That brings us neatly to our other, even bigger news... After a year of work we've just released our third studio album, Pantomime Cannon! We celebrated with a successful album launch party at the Bournemouth Folk Club on 14th September. We will continue the party with a few more public events over the coming months - check our Gigs section for more information. We're both proud and relieved to have finished this album, and in our (admittedly biased) opinion, it's our best work yet. You can buy the CD by heading over to our Shop.


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